Sunday, June 27, 2010

Planting roots....

Well, today we walked down the aisle at church.
To join FBC Mt Pleasant.
We have been attending the church since we got here. We really liked it but didn't want to join until we knew where we were going to live.  Once we moved to our house, we tried the church that is right behind us, Trinity Baptist.  It was a nice church, friendly folks, but just not the church for us. Funny how the Holy Spirit leads you to certain places and not to others. 
The pastor at FBC Mt Pleasant is very good. He doesn't hold back at all as he shares the Bible with us. We are in a SS class with some great folks. Very kind. And it's funny how we have very similar stories of how God brought us all to where we are.  Don't know how long we will be in that class, though. I am sure Fred will be teaching soon. That's how it is. But hopefully we will develop some friendships while we are there.

I am still feeling like a wonderer in the desert. Kinda lost. I know this will pass. I need to get involved in the church, need to find a part time job (ugh). Getting these 2 things done will get me out there and meeting people. But why is that first step so hard to take?
I whine about not knowing anyone but I would rather stay in my little house and wait till Fred gets home.

Fred asked God to get us out of our 'comfort zone'. Well, he did. I am uncomfortable. Now, I know that is not necessarily a bad thing, but still......
Ok, as I read back on this, I sound like I am rambling. I better quit now while I am not too far out there.

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  1. Sounds like you are in a good place. Ready to start new. Not that anything will ever replace the past, but God will now enlarge your circle of friends! Remember us military folks have done this ever 2-4 years. You will get thru it and look back on the experience as a great thing!