Sunday, June 6, 2010

The week's not over yet!

I was typing up the previous post on Friday, and saved it to come back to later....
Well, we found a car. A Toyota Corolla. It's a 2009 with no frills, but it's supposed to be good on gas,
and that is the most important thing.

That was Friday. Yesterday, Fred was still not feeling well. He was frustrated that he couldn't do the things that needed to be done (cut grass, start on his tower/antenna...) All he could do is take turns in different positions to feel better. Well, around 5pm, he got double-over pains again. I took him to our local ER and after waiting over an hour in terrible pain, they took him back. More blood work and xrays and CT scan.... This time the CT scan found something. According to the radiologist, he has "arteritis" of the bowel.
I am getting educated in the vascular system:  The aorta is the main artery that runs through the body. It has "branches" that feed the organs blood and oxygen. Well, the one to his bowel is 'inflamed'. Mt Pleasant does not have a specialist on this (the ER dr said he had never seen this before) so they transfered Fred via ambulance to a hospital in Tyler. The ER dr there said he had never seen this before either. Great, Fred is unique!  haha
We are now in a room at the hospital waiting for the vascular surgeon.  Fred is on pain meds and resting. But I wish we could find out what the plan is to make him better. It's frustrating NOT knowing....

So, going thru all this, I start thinking how much easier this would be if we were back in Fl with all our friends' support. And I start to question what we are doing here.  But, I can't do that. All along, we have felt a peace that this is where God wanted us. And having his brother Tom close by is a help. He came over and drove me to Tyler while Rachel spent the night at the house in case mom woke and was wondering what was going on. They have been a blessing.

God is in control. He knows our needs. I have to remember that and put Fred in His hands.

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