Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nassar Manor Update

It's been a while since I have updated on Tom & Rachel's victorian house renovation... winter slowed things down.
But the weather is now much better and they are at it again!  Tom decided to hire a friend contractor to do the roof and siding of the house. That is a pretty big project.

Tom went ahead and asked his friend to build their new porch. It is beautiful!
And since his friend is on a roll, he is also installing the new windows... here are a couple of them
they are really transforming the house!
Rachel's dad is visiting from Florida this week to lend a hand, so he and Tom were working under the house with the plumbing and stuff. In the mean time, Rachel tended to burning the trash, old wood and junk they found in the house.
Oh, and this is their dog Buttons who has been gone for 4 months!
He showed up the day before with a girlfriend! haha
I helped Rachel a little with the burning, and Fred's part was to work on some
old/dead trees in the property. He LOVES to use his chainsaw!
here is a short video I was taking of Fred. He was attempting to cut down a pretty good size tree
(the one down in the picture above)
I said I wanted to catch anything funny that I could send to 'funniest videos' 
He stopped cutting because he didn't think he was getting through the tree, so I stopped taping.
THEN, the tree starts to fall and Rachel hollers "Fred look out!" as it was coming down his way!

So I totally missed it on video... here he is starting to work on the fallen tree... haha

Like I have said in the past, this is a GIANT endeavor on Tom & Rachel's part.
But it is pretty interesting watching the progress. Rachel would LOVE to be in the house by this Christmas. Prayers would be appreciated!! :)

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