Monday, March 7, 2011

My kids are MIA

I haven't heard from my kids in a couple of days. Usually I can see something on facebook to let me know they are 'alive and well' and so I don't necessarily need to speak with them to not worry. Especially Steph. We USUALLY speak every day either on chat or text or in a phone call. So when I don't hear anything from her in a day 1/2, my mother's side starts to worry and make up all kinds of awful things that could have happened. I am trying to change that. My kids are adults. They have their lives to live.
But it sure makes me happy when I hear from them, when they tell me how they are and what they have been up to. I feel included in their daily walk....

So then, is this what God goes through when we get busy with our lives and don't take time to talk with HIM daily? Of course, God is perfect. He isn't going to get paranoid and wonder if something bad has happened to us. But I do feel that is pleases HIM to hear from us, when we share with HIM how we are and what we have been up to. 

I am guilty of getting busy, and the next thing I realize is that I haven't spoken with God lately. I have prayed at meals and maybe even said a quick thank you prayer at night. But not REALLY spoken with HIM.

I have often heard that one starts to get a glimpse of how God feels about us once we become parents. It's so true. How we burst with pride at our kids accomplishements, big OR small. How our hearts break when we see them make mistakes with their lives. And how we want nothing but the best for them, will give our lives for them.

I also know that the love I have for my kids pales in comparison to how much God loves them. So, in those days when I don't hear from my kids, I pray. I may not be there with them, but I know God is, and that is all they need!

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