Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fence Post Shelves

I had some leftover fence boards and right away pictured 2 shelves for the guest room to go with the new headboard.  Here are the steps I took to make them....

This is how much we had left, so Fred cut the boards about 13in. 
Then, he cut the fence in half. I also took an extra board and cut the 'shelf' part from it. 

This time, I thought I would reverse the colors. I painted white on first. 
Then I applied the crackle... then painted the black.
After the black dried, I wasn't sure I liked it. 
I guess it was such a drastic difference than when the white is on top... 
So I decided to leave the 'shelf' part white to break up the black a little.

Once it was all dry, I put on the back the hanger 'thingys'... 
don't know what the real term is for them! haha

Now, I need to get Fred to help me hang them before he leaves town for a week! 
The boards on the shelves aren't exactly even, but through the whole process, I kept reminding myself that it's imperfections is part of the 'charm'.  :)

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