Saturday, January 7, 2012

Headboard Project part 2

I started to work on the fence part of the headboard, and Fred's sander broke! We knew it was on its last leg, I was just hoping it would last till I finished! haha
No biggie, Fred wanted to get a new one,  and we resumed work! 
 So, I started with this....
It was too tall, so we cut 13in from the bottom, and 1in from the board on both sides

Then, I painted it black, let it dry overnight. 
I had to get more black, and I believe it was just a shade different. 
No biggie, since it's the under color.
This morning, I put on the crackle solution, waited 3 hours, then painted it white.
Again, the crackle started showing right away. I have learned I need to be quick with the painting. If I try to go over an area a 2nd time, I loose the crackle effect and instead get a kind of 'smear' look.
But, for the most part, it came out really good!

Now, once it was completely dry, it was time to put it together!

When we cut the 1in from each side, we left the support beam alone. 
There, Fred was able to screw the posts to the fence. 
(Ingenious idea, if I say so myself!)
Baby was keeping an eye on our work!
Here, the left post top is not on, we had to get a screw to put it on...
Next, we (really, Fred) connected the headboard to the bed frame.

And.... ta da!!!! 
We have a beautiful headboard!
This was such a neat experience!  I absolutely love it! 
Fred is pretty happy with it too. Of course, he is now saying, 
"you could make a bunch of these and sell them at craft shows". haha

Don't know about that, but I am extremely pleased the project. 
Now.... we have the left over fence that is going to make 2 great shelves!  
Will keep you posted!  :)


  1. Beautiful and I love your quilt!!! What a great project that both you and Fred shared. It's great!!!

  2. the quilt has been the inspiration! the guest room has a black & white theme. I have black and white prints that Freddy took a few years ago. It's a great room! :)

  3. I love it!!!!!! It looks great!!! I have been wanting Randy to help me make an upholstered headboard for our room. This reminded me I need to bug him about it again! Ha!