Sunday, January 22, 2012

God is IN the small stuff

I have had a very busy weekend. My mom has been living in a very tiny apt. since last year. The complex she is in let her apply for a bigger apartment, and 3 weeks ago, we were told there was one available. We got the call last Thursday that is was ready, so let the moving begin!

Mom is not very healthy, so I need to do most/all of the work. (with her SUPERVISING, of course! haha)
Anyway, we got the keys to the new place Friday morning and I started moving some small stuff right away. On Saturday, Fred used his handy-dandy trailer, and with the help of a wonderful couple from church, Michael & Jennifer Tosh, we moved the rest of mom's things. I tell you, I am SO grateful for their help, because Fred and I aren't as young as we used to be! And mom has a motorized bed that is a BEAR to move!

After getting all the stuff in, I worked on getting mom's kitchen organized, and her bed made. That way, she can be settled somewhat until we tackle the rest of the boxes. So, Saturday was a full day. Today, I needed to go clean her OLD apartment. I got all my supplies ready last night, but when I got to the apt., I realized I forgot my mop and bucket. That was annoying!  Oh well, I started on the cleaning.

After getting the kitchen done, I tackled the bathroom. When I went to her bedroom, I happened to look out the back porch door, and saw a bucket! I said 'cool!' and opened the door to get it. Then I saw the mop hanging on the fence!  I actually left it back there a couple of months ago when we were dealing with a busted pipe. I guess I never brought it in.  But I gave it all to the Lord!  I thanked him for the mop and bucket so my job would be easier and I could do it all today!

I have been really tired, and with that comes moments of 'pity party'.  But it was that mop and bucket that reminded me God is always looking out for me. I don't need to worry about whether life is fair or not. I just need to be faithful to what I am supposed to do, and He will take care of the details, like getting me the mop and bucket when I needed it! :)

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