Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anyone looking for a teacher's aid?

Well, Thursday and Friday were the WORST days at my job... I really think I need to find a different job.

Without going into details of the kids, there is one child who came to school on Thursday and completely went on a rampage the minute he got to school. I am talking running around, throwing chairs, lunging at the other students, growling and trying to scratch and pinch me. He had to be removed, only to be brought back to see if he could "join the class nicely". This happened 2 times, then it was decided to call his mom. Well, it took about an hour to get a hold of his mom. She comes and gets him, only to bring him back at 12:30pm. The only things left for our class were nap time & centers time before they went home, so I didn't see the point.
Friday, my teacher was absent and I was put in charge of the class. This student came in and was doing a repeat performance. I told the AP I wasn't going to deal with him, and she said I didn't have to. A substitute teacher was coming in and her sole job would be watch him.
Well, all I can say is I was glad it was Friday because I need AT LEAST 2 days to recover.

And let me remind you, I work with K5 & 1st grade kids....

I am not sure I can handle/deal with the policies and regulations of the public school system. I know they are there for the good of the student, but I'm, sorry, when 1 student keeps 11 others from learning and having a productive day at school, there is a problem.

I really like the school calendar. I am looking forward to having 2 weeks off for Christmas. If I went back to work at the Credit Union or something like it, I wouldn't get that...
Maybe I can find a position at a Christian school...

Then again, am I supposed to be where I am for God to teach me something? Am I supposed to be contributing something to the school for God's glory? But I don't think I can handle it...

Will you please pray for me? I need direction in a BIG way.

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  1. I do not normally pass up opportunities to pick on you....there are so many here to swing at....but I am going to take a strike.

    I will pray that God makes it clear what he wants you to do and gives you the strength to do it. I will also pray that your bully leaves you alone, or you get more milk money than you need....let me have at least one.