Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pig Jam 2007

So here's how it went:

Fred went to the Plant City Pig Jam yesterday (friday) and started setting up his station by 9am.
I showed up around 5pm to keep him company till 9pm. Then I left him alone in the elements (40 degrees). He didn't sleep but maybe 15 minutes. By the time Andy and I showed up at 10am with McDonald's breakfast, he already had all the meats on the grill.

He turned in his chicken at noon.
He turned in his ribs at 12:30pm

Steph and Andrew show up with the camera

He turned in his pork at 1pm
He turned in his brisket at 1:30pm
Then we waited... waited... waited.

While we waited, we cleaned up and broke down camp. We took turns walking around the place and checking what was going on. A couple of Fred's co-workers showed up and got some free food. The Moore family (minus Meg) showed and got some food. Then Bob went and spied on the competition. He came back with news that Fred's brisket was the best he tasted.

Freddy showed up around 4pm, but had to leave for work before the winners were announced.

The Dawson family stopped by and hung around for the winners presentation at 5:30pm,
which was cool because we had a nice cheering section when Fred WON 2nd place in the "pork" division!!!!!

That was way cool. When he didn't win with the brisket, he figured he was done...

So, it was a neat event to do, even though the poor man is exhausted and froze last night. He thinks he'll do it again, this time I hope he has a partner that will help him through the night...

Steph has the pictures on her camera and as soon as she sends them to me, I will post them.

And, for those of you who let us borrow stuff, some food is coming your way!!!


  1. Good to see all of you today! We enjoyed Pig Jam and wouldn't have gone had it not been for you. Congratulations again, Fred!

    You know, Valerie, I heard that a small country church near us is looking for a children's director. :-)

    God Bless,

    Greg Dawson

  2. That is so cool! Go Fred!! Miss you guys!!