Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here's the Pig Jam Pics!!

Fred's BBQ Digs

the prize winning pork!

Fred & his supportive (lovely) wife

Good looking chicken!

Fred getting his ribbon & $50 check

Having a "hog wild" time!

The proud Daddy's girl

I forgot to mention that Fred was competing in a group of 30 teams.
So, 2nd place for a first timer was pretty good!! :)


  1. Wow Fred, way to go!! I knew all those sunday BBQ's would lead to your eventual fame. Great pics! How nice that the family came to support you and hand you stuff and wipe your brow and spend your winnings. Sooo is there a new eating establishment coming to Brandon with Fred's name on it, hey I'd eat there. You did great Fred! debra Winfrey

  2. YAY dad!!!! my dad is the best bbq cook ever!!! he shouldve won it all but he didnt want to steal the show so he was humble and took his reward in pork! but seriously if i ate it and liked it .. it mustve been amazing!!!!!