Wednesday, October 1, 2008

email aggravations and more

today was 'a day in the jungle' theme. Andy didn't do much, just wore a shirt with a lion on it. I didn't get to take a picture, so let's blog about something else, shall we?

The Councils are coming down soon. Anna asked if they could stay with us a day or two. I said of course! and when will it be? (this was through our blogs). I didn't get a response... I posted another info request on her blog. nothing... Then, I texted James. I still got nothing! So, I am starting to get aggravated and panicky that they will show up and my house is not ready. (I am fixing up the office & guest room).
I get a call from James last night: 'we have emailed you 3 times!!!' 'Anna is getting aggravated at your constant requests!!'
Well, for some reason, my email account is NOT accepting the Councils emails. I don't know why and Fred can't figure it out either. What is funny, we were both getting aggravated at each other without knowing it! I find that quite humorous!

On another note: pray for my Nina.
Got a call from her at 3am today... she was having a lot of sharp pains in her lower back, so much so it woke her up. I told her to wake up her roommates so they could give her some pain medicine... Her roommate, Jaime, decided she needed to go to the hospital. Steph called me back and I told her to go... I mean, it could have been nothing, but it could have been bad.
So, after 3 hours and MANY tests later, they couldn't find anything wrong and sent her home. But not before she got some GOOD pain meds that had her sleeping all day today.
Even though it was a hassle to go in the middle of the night (which Jaime stayed with her the whole time, you go Jaime!!!), and $100 later, I think it was the right thing to do. We couldn't take the chance of an appendix bursting, or something else serious.
So, it's all good. She is going to keep track of any pains and when/where they are happening.

It totally stinks to be so far from her and not be able to look at her and see for myself she's fine. This was the second incident in less than 3 weeks that frustrated me that I wasn't near her.

Parenting worries never cease, do they??

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