Friday, October 24, 2008

here they are!

The Councils came down this past week, and we got to have them over for 2 nights. Before that, they were at KABC and had a little meet-n-greet. It was a neat time for me to catch up with friends as well. I miss my gal-pals!!!

Then, on Monday, the Council clan came over for some of Fred's BBQ... Nan is a vegetarian, so we made sure to have alternative stuff. But Landon liked the food.

As always, James was entertaining (is that what we should call it??) And it was fun to see him and Andy having a 'spar' with words (we wouldn't call it cut-downs, would we?)

So, with Andy being 17, you can imagine that we are not used to having little kids around our house.
Example: Tuesday morning, Jael walks into my bedroom a little disoriented and starts to go into our bathroom (where Fred was just getting ready) I hopped out of bed and re-directed her to where her mommy was...
about 15 min. later, Mady & Jael show up again in my bathroom. (it's ok, everyone was fully dressed by now). I am finishing up with my hair and the girls have a million and one things to 'share' with me. Now, I usually don't say a word to Fred until after my coffee and we are on our way out the door for work, but here at 6:45am, I have 2 delightful girls asking me all kinds of questions.
Then, when Fred & I got home from work on Monday, we found a 'sippy' cup in our bedroom floor. We got a chuckle at the fact we couldn't remember the last time that occured to us!
What a hoot!
Tuesday evening, Landon decided to warm up to me. Either that, or he loves to get his picture taken. He kept posing and saying "cheese!"

It was great to meet Nan. She was very nice. She got to sleep in our 'office' room, where Freddy's 60in TV is, so I don't think she had it too bad. :)

It was so great to see them again! I miss them, but I am grateful that we have stayed in touch. Thank goodness for blogs and text messaging!!


  1. yeah!!! Great pics. I missed getting to see them since we were in Indiana. BOO/Yeah?! don't know what to think. Glad I got to see Adam, Boo I missed the Councils. I'm so conflicted. LOL
    Just wait until you're a grandma it gets worse the little surprises you find. Did I mention how much I dislike little toys that you step on in the middle of the night? Yeah not so much fun.

  2. She is right, legos REALLY hurt.

    I am homesick for my FL friends. I really am! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Val, thanks for the pics. It is so much fun to see pics of FL friends. It has been so long since we have been there! Looks like ya'll had a great time.

  4. Same here! We are terribly home sick and I got to pretend I was in FL for a few minutes while I read and looked at the pics! Glad everyone had a great time..Anyone wanna make a trip to beautiful NC????

  5. Wow! I just realized that you are in the youth room in the top two pics! It looks so different!!

  6. the youth room got a paint job... They have a new 'theme'. It's called "SWAT". Sorry, don't know what it stands for.

  7. The kids and I were looking at the "New look" in the youth room too. But the kitchen still looks like the old color.


  8. They haven't painted in the hallway or the kitchen yet. I'm sure they are planning on it,but they are having some major financial problems right now. So money is very tight.