Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sore body & my football girl

Along with my sore knee, I now ache all over from a full day of painting... sore thighs from climbing up and down the ladder, sore arms from, I don't know why...

But our 'new' office looks good! It's a work-in-proccess but it's coming along. Now we need 'accessories' for the office and the guest room. The guest room will be ready for next weekend for our 'guests'... yeah!!

My baby girl came home this weekend. I don't think we've seen her since the beggining of May. We went to Cheddars for lunch today (her fav. restaurant).

She brought along my grandbaby, Bella, along with another little friend. Her roommate's dog, Delilah, came with them to visit. Fred was dying, since he wasn't happy about 1 dog, now we had 2. But the doggies actually entertain each other, so it makes it a little easier. It's all good!

I found out if I want to spend some time with Steph, I have to sit and watch football with her! She has become a football fanatic. We even went to Walmart and she was rushing us cuz she was missing the 'game'. I guess it gives her & Fred something to do together.

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