Thursday, October 9, 2008


My job is never boring...
Today I had to run (I know, can you believe it??) in order to keep up with our little 'escapee' in our class. First of all, I hate to do anything that resembles exercise. And I don't like sweating...

But it's par for the course with my class. Well, I did something to my knee. It doesn't hurt continuously, but every so often as I walk, it pops, gives out on me and hurts like the dickens!

I picked up an accident report just in case. I am hoping it's fine in a day... and to be honest, it's more aggravating than anything else. I mean, I am walking with an exagerated limp afraid of the next 'pop'. My other knee/leg is not happy about the extra work.
And before anyone chimes in (James), I know I am getting old. ;b

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  1. you should get fred to post your bros video here on your blog...and no you are not old you are just "from a different generation"!!!