Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can't be left out...

I have been looking at my buddies' blogs and they all have pics of their kids from Halloween... it makes me a little droopy that I don't have pics of my kids, so here are some of me!!
We had a "Fab Vocab" parade. Our class had words from the word families: ap, op, ick, all. So I came as Fall.

I wish I could show you pics of my kids in my class. They were adorable!! But as you can understand, I can't. But here are a couple of the teachers. Our principal came as hairy. He kinda freaked out one of our kids who has a thing about 'fringy' stuff.

The teacher I work with is 'wrap'. I thought that was pretty ingenious! And the other aid in our room came as 'sick', notice the water bottle on her head...

I think the teachers had as good a time as the kids.

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