Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Great American Teach In

Last Wednesday, our school had the "Great American Teach In". It's a day when we have all kinds of special guests from all kinds of profesions. A chance for the kids to see what jobs they might like to do when they grow up. Fred came last year and did his 'ham radio' thing.

He was asked to return, and I volunteered Andy to come and do a 'soccer presentation'.

If Nina had been in town, I would've had her come and do manicures on the little girls. lol.

Andy did mostly k5-2nd grade. He and his friend Cameron were a hit. They did a great job. I wish I had thought about him last year...

I also asked Wayne Moore from KABC to come and talk about his missions travels. He did an excellent job. He was restricted about talking how he went to share the Gospel. So his theme was that we needed to be Thankful for all we have as he showed the kids houses in Manila & the Dominican Republic. How the kids there didn't have all things we have here. It was perfect, I knew he would do a great job!

It was a really fun day and our kids were awesome, even though our class has a hard time with going out of our schedule and being 'unstructured'.
We even had R2D2 come and visit!

It was a blast!

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