Monday, February 7, 2011


After missing out on the snow last month, I was worried I may not get another chance at it this winter. But God is so good! We got snow last week. The weather folks said we might get a little, but we got about 5 inches! woo hoo!
Baby loves to go outside, she runs out every time the door opens.... kinda a pain, actually. So, I thought, SURELY it's too cold and she won't go out!  ha!  I was wrong!

We had to make a run to the post office. (plus, being silly Floridians, we just had to check out the icy roads!)
By the time we got to the post office, which was around 9:30am, there was already a snowman in the front!
He was so cool!!
Of course, we had to make our own! the snow on Friday was not packing very well,
we made the one with the red scarf then.
 I wasn't very pleased with our 1st snowman (actually snowWOMAN, thanks to Fred!)
So on Saturday, I attempted it again. The snow was a little better to handle....
"Snowman Fred"  
I thought he was quite cute!
Here is the view from our front door
the front view of our house... I think this is so pretty!
My first Snow Angel!
I think this is another pretty picture
Fred was not being very nice to me!
in spite of the snow, we had tons of birds in our backyard
This is a bird bath I made up, looks like a snow cake! 
 The birds know where the buffet is!
something else I think it's so beautiful, it's the icicles
 I thought it would be fun to make an "Ice" bouquet!

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