Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life back to normal?

After a week long trip to Florida, coming home to beat my brother and his family here by only 1 hour, having them here for a few days, it's back to normal.... but what is that?  haha

As I type, I sit on the couch with Kaya next to me, Fred on the other end and Baby sleeping on the love seat. Yep, that's our lives: me, Fred and the cats.  Not bad, really.

Another thing that is becoming 'normal' is Mom is in the hospital again. Not a good sign when the ER nurses and respiratory folks remember you.....

I don't know what is in store for her. She is miserable, understandibly. Tired of all the meds that don't seem to be doing much good. Of course, she is sure the doctor's objective is to make money off her so he keeps her on meds..... gee
She is determined to change doctors when she gets out of the hospital. I would sympathize with her if it wasn't that she feels this way about every one of the doctors she has had. She loves them at first, then they become the enemy.

In other family news...... don't know if I have mentioned before, but since we moved to Texas, my brother has been wanting to move over here. Well, Sara got a really good paying job with a children's hospital in Dallas. She starts in March. One of the reasons they came last week was for my brother to pass out his resume.  They are planning on finding a place to live somewhere between Dallas and us. That would mean they would only be about 1 hour from us. That is MUCH better than 19 hours!
I am looking forward to having them closer and being able to spend the holidays with them.

We will now have Fred's brother/family and my brother/family in Texas. Just need to get the rest over here and we can take over!  haha
Here is a picture of my 2 nieces and nephew.  I am so glad they got along great!

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