Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming home!

I have to say, staying with Bill and Evelyn was so great!!! I truly miss their 'parental' love for me and Fred! :)
We left Brandon on Friday at 4am. The drive was pretty smooth and minimal traffic, so we made it in 16 hours, the same amount of time it took us to drive down. Not bad....
My brother and his family planned a trip to Texas. They left Friday afternoon, but took their time, so we actually beat them to the house by 1 hour!  haha
The timing is perfect. It will keep me busy enough to NOT get depressed after leaving my kids in Florida.

The last time, in September, when Freddy & Steph came to visit, I got really down when they left. So much so, that Fred actually let me get a kitten to lift my spirits!  So I joked with him that my brother's visit was going to spare him from another kitten!!  haha

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