Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 of our Florida Trip

On Monday, we took Andy and his friend, Noelle, to Chilis. 
Andy has been friends with Noelle for a couple of years now. After a year, they decided to date. But now they are just good friends. Can I say....  I just love this girl! She is a Godly, caring, sweet friend to my son. And I have gotten to know her a little better via Facebook!

I have a 'to do' list while we are in Florida, and one of them is hitting up Publix!
There are things we can't get where we live, so we are making sure to stock up while we are here....

We also wanted to drive through our old neighborhood. Fred and I have been talking about our house in Valrico... how we missed it, how great it was....

Well, we drove by it, and both us had the same reaction: it's just a house.
We realized we are missing the things that went on IN the house. The small groups, the parties, the family.
So in a way, this was very therapeutic!!

For dinner, we met up with Steve and Collen Ross at Village Inn.
For a couple of years, we were meeting with the Ross and the Caddells once a month at Village Inn.
We miss our dear friends!

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