Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 6 of our Florida Trip

Andy's surgery was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, so in the morning,
 I went to Yates Elementary and see my 'little friends'.
I wanted to bring them something "Texan" as a gift, and I found these great little wind chimes that had cowboy boots, hat or horse and they could color them. I told them to think of me every time they heard the chimes! I had to go to a couple of other classes to see the kids who had changed teachers. It was so great to see them, I really miss them! (most of them... lol)
Then, we went on to St Joseph's Hospital for Andy's surgery. Andy was born with 'hypospadia'. I have learned it's a very common thing, but NORMALLY, surgery is done when the child is a newborn- 1yr old.
So, Andy ended up in the pediatric ward.
Our pediatrician told us his case was not severe enough to do surgery, that he would be 'fine'....
Well, as Andy got older, it has become and issue, so he requested the surgery. Of course, as in most procedures, it can be a bit more serious as one is older. I have really been worried about it, but after speaking with several people, including some pediatricians, I was assured he would be fine. Now, he would be fine AS LONG as he did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do.
So, he is staying with the Hofrichters, basically his '2nd' family.....
 I know Debbie would take good care of him!

While Andy was in surgery (a 2 hour procedure) we ran real quick to a spanish store called Mi Pueblo. My mom had called ahead for some items that you just can't find in Texas, real Latin stuff!
 We were back at the hospital with an hour left to wait. He did really well, and didn't have much pain,
though he was still on the morphine they gave him! I knew it was a good sign when he put in a specific request for breakfast when we left him at Debbie's that night! :)

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