Tuesday, July 22, 2008

apply directly to the forehead

Have you seen that comercial for the headache medicine 'head on'? I was up last night with the dumb headache and I was reaching desperate levels today. So while we were out today, we stopped at a Walmart and bought some. I can't believe how it works! Within 15 minutes, I started to feel relief. Of course, I also went and laid down for a couple of hours, but I know the medicine was a big help.

On another update, Freddy got the job in Austin. He called this morning and talked to Fred. I started crying but had to compose myself when Fred said "here, talk to mom". I can't believe Freddy is going to be 1,168.32 miles from us. (I checked). He starts work on Aug. 4th, and has signed a lease with an efficiency apt. It's happening all too fast.

He will need to have a second job to help him get on his feet. At least that will keep him busy. He has a friend that lives nearby so he won't be COMPLETELY alone. But I won't be able to help him get his apt. all set up, can't bring him food when he needs it... AAARRRGGG!!!
I don't think I'm ready!

I am thinking of having a going away party for him and people can bring walmart gift cards. That way he will have money for food at least...

Have I asked for prayer lately??

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  1. I love you Valerie. You've done a great job with all of your kids. I know it's going to be hard to have him that far, but you are only a phone call away. And you can always send care packages to him. He loves you guys lots and he'll be ok. Prayers going up for you and for Freddy and his big move. God's blessings on your family!!