Monday, July 21, 2008

hot in here!

Andy is at home by himself while we are in Tx. He called yesterday to tell us the air in the house is not working since Sunday. Fred put in a call to the air people and hopefully they will be able to come over and see what's going on. Not a good thing to happen while we are so far away... Freddy is in Austin trying to get a job. Steph is in Orlando with a new car. Boy, we leave town and the Nassar family goes beserk!
I have had one of my 'great' headaches since Sunday night... Not exactly the vacation I was hoping. :(

We have been looking at land to POSSIBLY purchase. Saw one that was supposed to be "waterfront". It was stretching it a bit. Then we saw 26 acres of hay meadow. That was nice, but do we need that much and do we want to spend that much money? I don't know...

I really want to post about our New Orleans trip, just haven't had the chance to put the slide pics together, and with the headache, I can't focus too long on the computer... pray for me???

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