Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mama Mia!!

No, I am not eating spaguetti....

Kelley Brown called me and invited me to a girls night out to see the movie 'Mama Mia'. First of all, I was so touched to be remembered. And I haven't had a girls outing in a while.

So tonight it was: Kelley, me, Hillary Tucker, Cindy Whitaker, Ann Wolfe, Michelle Evonosky and her mom.

The movie was great! It really celebrated friendship, the bond between mother/daughter, and true love. Yes, it was a full blown chick flick. And a musical to boot!

I especially loved the fact that Cindy laughed uncontrollably when Pierce Brosnan sang 'SOS'. She got all of us around her giggling too. See, he's not a very good singer at all.

If you are a girl, grab some friends and go see it. I don't recomend you take your guy with you. I don't think they could appreciate the movie.
Nina, you are going to LOVE this one!!!

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