Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Back!

From where, you ask?

Well, I went to Orlando on Monday to spend a couple of days with Steph at her new "digs". She moved into a house last month. It's a very nice house, only about 4 years old. She has 1 roommate right now, the other one coming next month. Steph got to move into the master bedroom so that's what we did yesterday. She has a good size room and her own "master bath". I think what she loves the most is her walk in closet. She has a screened back porch that has a couple of rockers. We sat and rocked and watched the rain come down on the lake behind her house. Very cool!
So, we went to eat at UNOs (where she works), got to meet some of her friends/coworkers and eat some good food. Took her grocery shopping, hopefully she will stop eating out. :)
But mostly, we just hung out. I miss her and I don't know when I'll see her again.... :(
Her roommate has a little chihuahua named Delilah. She and Bella get along really well. Steph taught them a new trick, which is so fun to watch! (notice the matching little raincoats! ha!)


  1. Are those "UT orange" raincoats? Don't tell me they are Gator orange...