Thursday, July 31, 2008

Criss Angel, what a disappointment

To those of you who were smart enough NOT to stay up late last and watch Criss Angel on TV, you didn't miss a thing...
I am not a follower of this guy, but from what I have heard, he is supposed to be this great illusionist, the next Houdini... so Fred and I thought we would watch and try to figure out how he was going to escape from a building that was getting imploded in Clearwater. He had 3 1/2 minutes to get off his handcuffs and pick through 4 doors that were padlocked.
Well, you see him on the balcony pick off the handcuffs, tries to unlock the 1st door, but can't, so he kicks through a glass window... then we have to rely on the cameras inside the building (aahhaa!!) We "see" him go upstairs, tackle the 2nd door, then the 3rd, he's taking too long.
He gets to the 4th door that leads him to the roof for the waiting helicopter. The copter has to ascend at 3 1/2 minutes because the building is going down in 4 mins. Criss is running out of time!! (aahh!!!) The helicopter starts to leave, Criss is still trying to get the door open! All of a sudden, at 4mins, the camera goes out!! The building implodes (the best part of the show) and now we are all wondering "where is Criss?!"
(By now, Fred and have figured out what we watched once he went into the building was video, NOT live TV. )
You see his family running to the rubble, cameras running towards the rubble... all of a sudden, with a 'convenient' camera in the right place, you see Criss emerge from this area, not even close to the rubble, letting out a yell as if he just came out of the ground. Except, he's not all the dusty. He looks like like he took some dirt and rubbed it on his pants and 1 side of his face...

What a let down. He obviously had a back way to exit, maybe a trash shoot, and never had any intentions to reach the helicopter...
The annoying thing is that he kept saying this was NOT going to be an illusion. It was going to be a full blown stunt, like what you would see Evil Kneivel do (apparently he's a big fan).

Oh well, this did NOT make me a fan. I think David Blaine is way better. Though, honestly, I really think he has made a pact with the Devil. David does some really creepy things that a human shouldn't be able to do....

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  1. Val,

    Not to be a buzz kill but give his regular show a watch. I am one of the most skeptical people that I know but his stuff really confuses me when try to figure out the street stuff. You can easily explain this one away but I dare you to try the normal show.

    There is no magic with this stuff just really well thought out illusions. He recently started a stunt where he walks on water with cameras underneath and people swimming under him.

    Good stuff,