Friday, September 12, 2008

all I can say is "aaarrrggg!!!!"

Oh my goodness! My class is indescribable!
We now have 10 kids. 60% of them try very hard to listen and follow rules. The other 40% are from another planet! My teacher and I have had a VERY rough week. It seems that these 4 kids have come together and conspired against us. It's like a pack of animals... I guess they feed off each other. If one decides he/she wants to run around the room, you can see it in the others' eyes "hey, wait for me!" Or crawl under the tables, or grab one of the reading centers pillows, or run around the room with their chair...
Again, aaarrrggg!!
At times, my teacher and I just look at each other and laugh. We feel like we're in some weird movie.
If it was just the one that we usually have trouble with, I can put him aside and she can continue to teach. But when we are outnumbered, we just don't know who to go after first!

I have a motto at work that when I have had a rough day, I go get a strawberry milkshake after work. Well, one of the speech teachers knows that and she asks me now if I am having a "strawbery shake day". I can't AFFORD the milkshakes I have needed this week.

In all, I am exhausted and frustrated. But I don't feel so defeated as I did last year. I truly believe that if we stick with our schedule and don't give in, CONTINUALLY remind the kids what the expectations are, that we will overcome, if not succeed. Some of these kids come from a rough home life. Then, some, I know the parents are as frustrated as we are. They are trying to be consistant at home as well. One grandma was so discouraged when I was speaking to her about her granddaughter, I just had to give her a hug... I told her not to give up that we weren't.

I am not questioning my place this year. I have a peace that God has me where I need to be. I know it's not going to be easy, but I feel ok about it, you know?...

Still, prayers sent up on my class' behalf definitely WOULD NOT hurt. :)

Boy, am I tired!!!

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  1. Must have been the week for it. We had a week of mondays here too. Hang tough Sister. You are the anchor for this kids. Keep being you!