Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I guess my life has gotten kinda boring... haven't thought of anything to blog, so here are some random things going through my head (watch out!!)

-Planning on going to Tx for Thanksgiving to see Freddy. It'll be 5 months since I saw him!
-Our 25th anniversary is next April. I want to do something "big" that we have never done. Maybe a cruise??
-I am so excited at the changes I have seen in Andy since this Summer. Have I blogged about that yet?
- I really like 1st Brandon. Fred and I were talking after church Sunday and we both agreed that we really like Sundays. The worship service is always relevant and moving. And Sunday School is really good. (I have a crush on the teacher!)
- I am trying to find my "ministry" at church. I feel like I am not 'pulling my weight', since coming from a church where I was staff and I did whatever needed to get done. But I really like the worship service & SS class (did I mention that already), so I am selfishly not willing to give that up... SO I think I have figured out what I can do. We will be dedicating our MAC (Ministry and Activity Center) in a couple of weeks. They are looking for volunteers to help run the place. I could do that. I could go straight after work a few days a week. It's going to be like a smaller version of the YMCA. Plus, the church library needs help, and I can do that in between church and SS.
-Steph and I had a fall out and didn't speak for a week. We are talking again, and that makes me happy.
-Fred may be going to Tx next week to help with the hurricane mess. Looks like pizza nights for me and Andy.
- the Fireproof movie is a week from Friday. Can't wait!!
-my class at school is still crazy. We are hoping some changes will be coming soon...

Ok, I probably have typed more than people want to read... see you tomorrow!!


  1. It's okay that you have a crush on your SS teacher, I have a crush on the worship leader at our church! lol!

  2. Random is good. Bet you feel better now don't you?