Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fireproof & friends

Fred and I had a great night Friday with friends and the movie Fireproof. (hehe, lots of f's)

We went to dinner with the Hofrichters. By the way, kudos to Bill for saying something about my haircut right away... what a guy!

Then, we met up with the Birds at the theatre. Jim supplied me with tissues throughout the movie. Thanks Jim!

After the movie, we went to 1st Brandon and had a 'dessert fellowship'. I was expecting cookies,brownies and danishes. OH NO!! There was cheesecake, carrot cake, pies, chocolate cakes. A feast for the sweet tooth! yummy!
I highly recommend the movie. Plus, the better attendance it gets, the more 'hollywood' will take Christian movies seriously.
I do have to say, I think Facing the Giants was better. Maybe more suspense. But Fireproof was good none the less. And if you have watched the previous 2 movies from Sherwood Baptist, you will have fun finding snippets here and there in Fireproof from them.

Can't wait to get it on DVD and see the 'outtakes' and 'commentaries'.


  1. Looks like you had a fun time! We are hoping to go see it very soon, I LOVED Facing the Giants..Also wanted to tell you I like your page's new makeover, too!!

  2. Thanks! did you notice the family pic? it's one from our 'renewal' back in '04