Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok, I am taking a poll. Let me know if I should get my haircut short. I did it a few years back and I got mixing reviews...

So help me make a decision, haircut YES of NO?


  1. I love those long curls, but you will only see me once a year so do whatever makes you (and Fred) happy. All your friends will love you even if you shaved your head bald!!! AC

  2. I like you with the longer hair. All those beautiful curls just need to be free. : )
    Love you Val

  3. I love the long curls........ but I am partial to curls... :)


  4. Keep the long hair.In the summer you can put it up if it gets to hot. Inthe winter it will keep your neck warm. With short hair you dont have as much freedom with it. In the winter you have no long hair to keep you warm.

  5. Val,
    I vote for longer hair. I agree with the others and say I love your curls. But what does Fred like? ;)

    Miss ya,

  6. Well, Fred definitely does not want the short haircut. He said it adds 10 years. I think he's exagerating, and I was hoping he would cave to peer pressure... but it looks as if this is backfiring on me... :)