Thursday, September 4, 2008

The question is: how is Freddy?

I have been waiting to update on how Freddy is doing until I got some pics of his new place & job... but it doesn't look like he's going to help me with that any time soon. (not that I haven't bugged him about it!)
He is working midnight-9am at Blizzard Entertainment. He likes the job, though he definitely wants to move up the ranks. The hours are good because that shift gave him more money than a regular shift, and he's a night owl anyway.
He got a 2nd job at a small movie theatre. He did this to get on his feet and pay off bills/build up his savings. Right now, it's a little tough when the movie schedule is not in sync with Blizzard. He is getting choppy sleep. A couple of hours here and a couple of hours there... But this should be temporary... When he becomes 'permanent' at Blizzard, he will get a pay raise. Then he thinks he can cut back to 2 days a week at the 2nd job to continue having a buffer at the end of the month.

His apt. is an efficiency. It comes with a murphy bed, though when he moved in, he found out it didn't supply the mattress... how retarded is that?! So, he slept on the floor for about a week until I sent him an air mattress. The picture below is one he sent me with his phone... that's the kitchen and probably half of the apt.
It's small, but he doesn't need much. He has never really been one to need a lot to survive...

I am very proub of him. He seems to really have his head on straight about money. He is being very careful about his spending. I was on the phone with him Sunday (we talked for almost 1 hour!!) as he was coming home from his 2nd job. He made it home and was going to eat something. He said, 'man, I drove past 3 fast food places but kept telling myself I had hot dogs to eat at home'. Now, that's self control! I KNOW I would've pulled over!
I miss him bunches. Even though he really kept to his room most of the time, once in a while he would come out (or I would go into his room) and we would chat. He is quite funny once he opens up (like his Dad!). And yesterday, I was at work wondering what to have for dinner, and I had the thought 'I should call Freddy and have him take out some chicken'. Boy, it hurt when I realized what I had done! :(

We are planning a Thanksgiving trip to see him and bring him his TV.

I will be dragging Andy along, though he HATES long driving trips. And I am PRAYING Steph can save up some money so she can afford the time off from work. I need at least 1 more Thanksgiving with all of us together. Even if it is having hungryman meals in Freddy's efficiency apt.

So, pray for a miracle for the Nassars please!

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  1. I'm so glad you updated us. I was really praying for Freddy. I'm glad he's liking his job and it sounds like he's got life under control. I really don't like hot dogs so I would've stopped too. : )
    Praying for you too, MOM. It's so hard watching your chicks grow up. You can do this!!