Sunday, August 31, 2008

school is in full session

Ok, so school has been in a couple of weeks now. I've had a lot of people asking over the Summer 'are you going back' ? Yes, I did.

I am with the same class but with a different teacher. We have 9 kids, but can go up to 12. There are 4 kids from last year, including my little friend who is borderline autistic. He hasn't changed...

We also have a new little guy, can't be more than 30lbs, 5 years old. He likes to lick and eat everything. I mean EVERYTHING!. When we give the kids a worksheet to do, we have to keep an eye on him. As soon as he does the work, he starts to tear the paper and eat it. So we have to collect it fast. He is also a little tornado. He can't hardly sit for more than a couple of minutes, runs around the room. I feel like I am looking at the tasmanian devil running in circles.

But he is SO stinking cute!! That is what saves him... that and the things he has said about home. One day we were working on our speaking skills and my teacher had a book with pictures on it. She pointed to a picture of a glass bottle (looked like a milk bottle) and she asked him to say what it was. He said 'beer'. Then the other day as we were going to PE, he started telling my teacher that his dad drank beer from a BIG glass and gets drunk and then the cops come.

Now these words: beer, drunk, cops, are words a little 5 year old SHOULD NOT know. It breaks our hearts. So, we love him. He will get discipline, but he will always know we care about him.

The class is not much different than last year in terms of the kids being difficult. But I have a teacher that is a good match for me and we vow to stay consistant in the way the class is run and HOPEFULLY the kids will respond positively from it. I told her we have to stick together, there are more of them than us!!

My prayer is that I can be a difference in these kids lives. Also, I would like to be a witness to the teacher I am working with. I am not sure she is a Christian. Also, there are 2 other ladies that are friends with her that I feel I need to pray for. I don't want this year to pass by and me not take the opportunity to share Christ with them. This is not easy for me. Sure, I can 'live' a life that shows them their is something different, but I think I should do more than that.

Maybe it's the book I just finished reading. It was a small novel by Terri Blackstock called "The Listener". It was really convicting.

So, I am looking forward to what this school year has in store.

But it's also nice to have a 3 day weekend!!!!!!

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  1. Kids absorb so much more than we ever realize from being around us. I am glad that they have you to absorb from to help bridge the gap in their lives.