Thursday, August 21, 2008


David sent out the update below yesterday morning and I didn't post it hear right away... not on purpose!! So don't be mad when I tell you that Fred won!

Dear Family & Friends,

Hi, today I meet the young lady in the photo, can you guess her name ??? Will it help if I tell you she comes from Liuzhou in Guangxi, is 143 cm tall, and weights only 30kg. The first to tell me her name gets a prize.............

I am not a tall man in anyone's book, but she only reaches to my shoulder, and she was wearing a small healed shoe. We were both in the Olympic Pin trading center, she was giggling and having a great time. So I just had to ask for a photo.

Take care, I have a busy day, at 2pm to 4pm I will watch the Gym medal winners give a special presentation performance, then it's off to watch China play basketball at 4;30pm, followed be another evening in the National Stadium, our best medal hope is in the women's 200m semi finals, please check the TV at about 9:25pm tonight.......

warm regards,

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