Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Olympics Update... for now

Dear Family & Friends,

Hi, yes the fat lady has sung and it is all over, well at least for 4 years !!!

The Olympics draws to a close on a high note, just as it began 17 days ago, I am sure you enjoyed it on TV, in one way the time has zipped by, in other ways, it seems we have been here for ages. The photo today, speaks for it's self....... who's a happy boy ?

What a super way to end this world class festival of sports, standing amongst the world best athletes, in center field of Beijing's National Stadium, under the Olympic flame lighting the night sky.

Over the past three weeks I have tried to bring you a taste of the Olympics that is not shown on TV or in the press, much I have still to share with you, so once I get home, my feet back under the desk and clear some of what must be waiting for me, I will offer some more insights.

For my Chinese friends, I will show you the fancy seat your President got to sit in, did you know he has his own mini A/C unit under under his table, no wonder he can look so cool and calm, while the rest of us feel like we are in a sauna.....

Take care,


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  1. What an awesome experience for David. It sure sounds like he enjoyed himself. And I thank you for letting us experience it to by posting his e-mails on your blog. It was great to read. I found myself looking forward to the next update.