Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog stealing

Well, actually, I asked permission. I have been randomly looking around at other blogs and have run into a group of moms that have really interesting blogs. They are living life in all it's hecticness of kids and husbands and find ways to acknowledge and praise God. They encourage me...
Anyway, one of the ladies posted a blog I thought was worth sharing with my little group. Feel free to forward if you wish...


Challenging PodcastFriday, July 25, 2008
i read an article a few months ago and then finally listened to the podcast a few days ago entitled "As For Me and My House" by Greg Harris. It was given at Bethlehem Baptist church and the purpose was to give a strategy for Fatherhood.
Here is the sermon to download and here is the article, but i've included a few of my favorite thoughts as well...

A Simple Strategy for Fathering
He suggested this simple, summary strategy for fathering
1. Get a life.
2. Include your kids in it.
That's it. If that doesn't feel like enough, here's his 3rd step: repeat steps 1 and 2.

How Should Children Be Treated Like Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior? Harris's suggestions:

* Sharpen them intellectually. Have dinner together as a family. Invite guests into your home that will enlarge your children's minds. Read.
* Straighten them out morally. Discipline them—if you can't, call the police. Seriously. Make sure they know that you care enough to keep them in line.
* Pay attention to the feathers on the arrow, their moral guidance system* Aim them at what matters. Don't waste ammo on trivial targets.
* Hold them back till their ready to be released. (This may create tension.) Don't over-protect, strategically protect.
* When they're ready, let them go with only your prayer and friendship left as an influence.

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