Friday, August 15, 2008

Read all about it!!

Andy has a friend, Joel. He was out of town and his friends decided to prank him. It took 3 days, 25 people, and who knows how many newspapers, but they filled his room up with wadded up papers. Andy helped out in the last 7 hours. The guys ordered pizza and even had the pizza guy throw in a wadded page. Everyone who helped out signed their names on a paper.
Joel wasn't so thrilled.
I thought Jason, Randy, Claude & James would get a kick out of this. Did he make you guys proud? :)


  1. I actually whelled up with a tear. That is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a long time.

    Proud of you done good,
    James Council

  2. I spoke with the mom yesterday... not so happy...

  3. She really needs to relax. It's all in good fun. They could be out reckless driving at 1:00 am, they could be doing drugs, they didn't though. They did a harmless and very funny prank. I say chill pill please.

  4. I too am choking back the tears. . . Hold on . . .(sniff) . . Ok, gosh I'm proud. That's a lot of newspaper. I think I'm inspired again. I have not pranked anyone since my move up here. I think it's time for the sleeping giant to wake. Thanks for the inspiration Andy. Who needs the Olympics when you have olympian-like performances like this?? LoL.