Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Update #12: 2 in one day

I have to apologize. I should have made David's email available a long time ago for you guys to be able to contact him directly. Feel free! Val


Dear Family & Friends,

Good afternoon, good news our 200m runner cruised through her heats this morning, she won a bronze in 2004, so our best medal chance this time too. Her next time on track is 19.07pm tonight, this is the 2nd heat of round two......
I gave you a look at how pretty the National Stadium is at night, here are some photo's taken from behind the scenes.

This photo is of the main passage that circles the track under the main seating area.

The photo to the right is up on the 4th level, here are the private corporate boxes, the main Olympic sponsors rent these either by the day, or a few are for whole week of athletics..... As with the VIP Olympic family lounge, the only place's where alcohol is allowed..... sad!!!! Here you can see the red plastic film on the windows I spoke of yesterday.

This left photo is showing you the access from the hidden passageway onto the track. You can see the main seating through the tunnel. On TV you will see people & things appear on the track and vanish again, this is where it happens. The narrow railed off area along the left hand wall, is where the athletes come to get on track, this is near the 100m start, they leave the track near the 100m finish.

The last photo to the right is just before the medal winners and medal presenters line up here to march out in the public glare...

Now what shall I offer you next time...... if you have a question, please write and ask..

warm regards,


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