Monday, August 11, 2008

The Long Awaited 5th Update From Olympics

Dear Friends & Family,

I pray all is well as you read my 4th report from Beijing. As you will have guessed, the past few days have been both exciting and rather busy, so I say sorry for the slow issue of this report.

The rain held off to give us a super night for the grand Opening, as you will have noted, I draw the short straw and got to baby sit a Sri Lanka VIP rather than marching with the team. But God blessed me in Atlanta, so to get upset at not doing it twice is a bit selfish. The head of the British team tired to cheer me up and gave me a ticket to march with the UK team, but I need to carry out my duties fully. But it does make a nice keep sake.

Each person in the parade of Nation's needs ticket to first board the bus in the Village, then it is checked again in the waiting area, plus a third time, as you get ready to march.... security is great, but a bit crazy at times. Last night, I attend the Badminton, the coach & team chief sat at the side of the court, while I headed for the VIP Stand of Honor (a rotten job, but someone has to do it, he, he)

I had our NOC Chief de Missions assistant with me, we got her the ok, to sit with me in the posh seats, but while I went up by lift, she had to take the back stairs.... crazy.....

I my last letter, I told you about the reception & dinner in the Sri Lankan Embassy, the photo shows the National President, in black & red scarf, the Ambassador, tall & slim , also in black & beside him, my buddy the President of the S.L. Olympic committee, all on the grand staircase of the Embassy.

Another photo, shows part of the Chinese team, in the main athletes dining hall, another side you can not see on TV, thence the huge privilege I have of being part of the wonderful event.

Our Welcome to the OV went very well, I was amused at the way each volunteer hostess has her hair done, with the 5 Olympic rings, I also wanted this done, but they could not find enough hair for even one ring.... ahhhh poor David. But I did get to meet the CCTV9 presenter, from the Culture Express programme, who did the English for the Welcome, a photo with him to follow.

Finally in this letter, a very special time for me, a Christine Church Service in the OV multi faith center. They have printed a special New Testament, with the Beijing logo on the cover, plus I was given a very nice real leather bound full Bible in Chinese / English, marked inside in both languages " Free Distribution Beijing 2008"

The attendance was quite small, (the athletes have other things on their mind right now), however it was a very nice service, great Hymns, a great Sermon, a wonderful blessing, praise the Lord.

I must close, need to get ready to cheer on our girl swimmer tonight in the 100m backstroke, my first trip the the now famous Water Cube........

Take care, thanks you all so much for your prayers and good wishes,
warm regards,

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