Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Blessings of Family


  1. You can't just leave us hanging...who won the ribs "throwndown"!?!

  2. Well, to be completely honest, I think Fred blew Tom away! But they had different tastes: Fred's were sweet and Tom made his spicy...
    I think even Rachel & Grace liked Fred's better. But to keep peace in the house, we never actually declared a winner. :)

  3. Great pictures. My goodness! How those kids have grown. I would have had a hard time picking a winner. I just love ribs. All ribs. Sweet or spicy. Lucky you to get to taste them all.

  4. Valerie, the kids are SO BIG! Oh my goodness, I would not have recognized Steven. He's 10!!! WOW!
    It looks like you had a fantastic time! BTW, how is Andy doing? Tell him I said hi and that I think about him and wonder how he's grown into a man without us being there to see it. :( To me, he will always be little Andy with the most contagious grin I've ever known!
    We miss ya'll! Come up and see us sometime!