Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Update #14

Dear Family & Friends,

Hi, hope all is well. Things are going well here, this morning it rained "cats & dogs" as I wanted to go shopping. Thus I decided to try the new subway line that joins the exciting very good metro system, to get the crowds of spectators to the main Nation Stadium and Water Cube.

At the moment this section (Line #8) has only 4 stops, but is free to anyone with games tickets, plus, of course, all the 16,000 athletes and officials also get it for the free. Plus we get the whole Beijing underground network too, pretty cool..

The new line goes north into what is now call the Olympic Green, a park that will remain for the benefit of all Beijinger's & visitors.

Photo to the left shows the new station platform, note the design copied from the Birdsnest, all platforms now have (or on the main system) will have automatic doors, keeps the aircon in the summer & heat in the winter, and on the platforms, not along the tunnels, also stops accidents on the line.

The other two photos show the interior views of the new trains.

My outward trip was fine, walked 5 minutes from the OV, took the new Olympic line, to the interchange station to get on the #10 line to find the shopping market I needed. However, on the way back, at the internet station, instead of changing platforms and picking up the new Olympic I was bundled out of the station, with the crowds, into the street, then forced to walk about 10 minutes around the block to go through a security check point......

Security is fine, I am all for it, but come on, throwing your citizens and visitors out in the pouring rain, making them walk alomost a kilometer, only to find yourself back where you started at least 20 minutes longer than moving from platform to platform when changing trains.... is far from smart.

Up to now I have only offered the highest praise, so to be balanced, I feel I need to air this grip. Of course, I know why some bright soul thinks it easier to do the security checks in a huge empty area of tarmac, than in the rail station. However they are doing these same checks all over Beijing in the subways, just where the normal trafic flow is......

Ok, I am back to positive mode.......

Last night I was privileged to see Usain Bolt, blaze into Olympic History, with his win in the 200m........ for an Olympic final, leaving the rest of the field for dead is almost unheard of, such was this new World & Olympic record run.. After being witness to his 100m final, when he did the same thing, most people were sure he would win, but not so utterly destroy the other runners...

Micheal Phelps move over, we have another super star on stage.

I am still in part shock, part very proud that my tiny little island can hold it's own againist such power house like China and the USA, and still keeping 3rd stat in the medal table........ GO UK.............

Take care, I wonderful what I can find to you good folks tonight. Yes, back to the Birdsnest, even the volunteer helpers in the Stadium, are asking me if I want my favorite seat..... he, he.

warm regards,


  1. How is Freddy doing in Texas? Inquiring minds want to know. : )

  2. I have been hoping to get some pics of his apt & from him to put an update, but he's having issues with his laptop video card... he's doing good, hang in there and I'll put a blog about him real soon!!

  3. I understand that. Well, we were just wondering cuz' he's on our prayer list.