Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Update #6: Weighlifting

Dear Family & Friends,

Hi, this morning our Weightlifter, won his round at the 69klg class, so is in with a very good chance of a medal.... They have three rounds of 9 men in each round, one was this morning, one on Tuesday morning, the other later that day about 7pm.

Who ever scores the most points of the 27 athletes wins the Gold Medal.... our guy lifted a total of 292klg that is three times his body weight, his best up till now was only 280klg. Please pray this wonderful lift gets him a medal, we want Gold, but any colour is good

Take care,

ps: photo's show Chinthana Vidanage on his 6th and final lift. the other shows him, his coach, the National Sports Minister and the Chef de Mission with hat on the phone .

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