Saturday, August 23, 2008

A night of dinner & murder

I have been meaning to post about this but the Olympics have had most of my attention lately...

For the second time (in about a year?) The Ross' invited 3 couples over to a wonderful dinner and a game of 'murder mystery'. I have always wanted to play that, so I was real excited to be part of it. The only thing, you don't really choose who you are going to be. The first time, well, let's say, I was very 'friendly' with some of the other characters... how embarrasing! :)

So when Colleen called and said we were getting together, I stipulated I was NOT going to be the 'floosy' again... hehe So, instead, I became the 'religious fanatic'. Ok, not great, but better.

I was real proud of Fred this second time. The game is so out of his element, but he was pretty good with his character. And, for the record, I was the only one who guessed who the murderer was! I had no concrete evidence, just a gut feeling. But isn't that how most detectives work???

I love the couples we got to play with: Ross, Caddells, Moores. Now that we go to different churches, I am grateful we can still get together and keep our friendships strong. And, by the way, Wayne & Jan Moore are hilarious when they get into character!!

I hope we don't wait too long to do it again!


  1. We've been part of four murder dinners and we've had so much fun finding the right costume and getting a chance to be an actress for a while.
    We did one I guess on homecoming night and the poor Houles had to come dressed up in 50's wear and let's just say meeting the parents in costume had to be hilarious. Ok maybe only to us, but it was still fun.
    Glad you got the opportunity to have an adult fun night. : )

  2. So it was the butler in the pantry with a rope right????