Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2nd Updates from Olympics

So far there have been 3 emails from David and I thought it would be too much for 1 post, so I am doing them separately, bear with me!!

Dear Friends & family.
Here is my first letter from the Beijing Olympic Village

My plane from Macau was on time, but the airport in Beijing was very busy. After getting my luggage ok, I made my way to the Olympic family departure area. Lots of very willing volunteers, but poor English and no experience yet... but they are trying hard, bless them.

They got me a VIP car to drive the 30 kilometers from the airport to the Olympic Village which is near the Birdsnest Stadium. But the driver did not know where to go, so I was reading the part of road signs in English and telling him the right direction. !!! Must say it was nice to be driven in the Olympic lane, which was empty, while the other two lanes of the Airport express road was full of cars.

What was even more fun was seeing a car with China Military plates push out into the Olympic lane, which is not allowed, but normally no one dare question them. However; there is a new game in town, as out of no where a police car appeared, lights flashing and pulled over the PLA car.......... he, he.

When I got to the village, I had to register, & get my ID badge checked in the computer, then someone took my case and lead me a short distance to the building, where the Sri Lanka team are to live and we have our team office. So I am living in building 1A, selection 1, on the 6th floor, in room 1 B......... someone must think I look like a #1 man.......... he, he.

We can take the electric village bus, or enjoy a 6 minute walk to the main dining hall, we are also close to the retail shops, a place to get free Chinese lessons & hair cuts, (but not in the same room) and the team welcome area. Sri Lanka is scheduled for the morning of the 9th Aug. When we get our official BOCOG team welcome ceremony.

The Olympic Village main dining hall, is a wonderful mix of athletes and some officials from 205 National Olympic Committees, for example tiny Chinese gymnastic stars, not tall enough almost to see over the tables, sitting to your right and very tall basketball players to your left, everyone excited & thrilled to be here, this truly is the Olympic Spirit in full swing.....

On Tuesday (5th) I have been asked to act as a coach / manager for one of our athleles, we will visiting a training area, they just need a friendly face to encourage them, once you get to this world class level, it is as much a mind game as a special skill. I am looking forward to this, and will tel you about it in my next letter.

Take care, I am off to bed and I trust enjoy my first night sleeping in this Olympic Village, so far the beds seem quite soft, but only at breakfast time will I know for sure.

Take care, thanks for reading this far.................

warm regards,
David (Mr. #1)

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