Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics Update #9 : More than Gold

Dear Family & Friends,

While we are all wanting our own folks to win, let us remember that a fair and honest struggle to do your best at anything is much better than being upset if you don't win Gold. The other day an athlete missed out on the Gold, and after the Medal presentation, he steped off the medal platform, he laid his medal on the ground and walked away.

Not only did he miss out on the Gold Medal, the IOC has cancelled his Olympic ID, gave his medal to the next athlete and have thrown him out of the Olympic village........... Now his country must also face the shame.... so sad.

Please check the photo below, it's an athlete who just got 3rd place, tell me if you think his smile, says he did his best and is thrilled with his Bronze medal. I took this photo of him here in the OV, I am sure he will not want to take it off for days... many have been known to sleep the first night after getting a medal, still wearing it around their neck....

Let me tell you a secret, the night I was elected the President of my local Rotary Club, I also slept the 1st night wearing my chain of office. Am I crazy, no just so thrilled that after several efforts, I succeded after my peers elected me to this high office.

We must all face uncertain times, find things are not as easy as we thought, but after we keep on trying hard, the sweet taste of success is such a wonderful reward. These things can sometimes take years, other hours or a few days, but the honest journey is the thing we remember.........

Warm regards,


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