Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On the mend

Well, I think I have turned the corner on this pain deal... I was really hurting from Thur. to Sat. I took one of the pain meds but it put me all day with the sensation of having to throw up, so I dealt with the pain instead of taking more.
I got to go to church, though I sat through most of the singing, still feeling weak. But I wouldn't have stayed home. It was Fred's first day of teaching the new SS class. He did a very nice job, but that is a blog for another time. :)
Yesterday I woke up with no pain at all (yeah!) and Fred and I tackled the front yard. We bought some new plants and I think it looks much nicer. I have before and after pics, but Fred said to wait until we mulch so we can REALLY see the difference.
Today, I dealt with the laundry that has been growing all around me. That's done.
Tomorrow, Fred and I going fishing at the old skyway. What that really means is: he fishes, I read, stay there about 10 million hours and come home with no fish. But, hey, Fred has a good time. IF we catch a fish, I will be sure to post pics.

I just realized, I post blogs like I talk. Do you guys get tired after reading all this???


  1. glad your on the mend. Have fun fishing/relaxing

  2. yes. blogging is talking, er, typing. all of my writing has been the stream-of-consciousness type. that's the literary term. all my writing, emails, christmas cards, and blogs are as if i were talking...without being interrupted. you are doing great!!! in my humble opinion.