Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on the Tremors

Ok, so I have been to my primary doctor. She sent me for blood work (all fine), MRI of the brain (I have one, all fine), and then to the neurologist. The neurologist had me do some kind of nervous system test. It was an hour long and it entailed taking turns shocking my arms and legs to see how my fingers & toes wiggled. Not a fun thing. I mean, it wasn't a real bad shock, but uncomfortable for a wimp. (that's me!)
Tomorrow morning I go for more blood work (fasting,then McDs breakfast) in the morning before work. They also want the MRI of my back done a couple of years ago...

Like I said, I have doubts they will have any answers after all this is done. But what is good is that it rules out things I could worry about. And they are moving pretty quick, making the appts for me to expedite them and stuff. So, hopefully, we'll be done with this soon.

Otherwise, life is pretty awesome. I was reading in the Strickland's blog about "verbalizing" what we are thankful for to remind us of how GREAT God is. I think I will be practicing that too...


  1. I am glad that you can rule things out now....were you really worried about having a brain?

    What a great looking sight!! You are a true decorator...a regular geek.


  2. I know, that's the look I was looking for "geeky"

  3. I am thankful that they haven't found anything ;) I'm sure the tests will give you peace of mind, if nothing else!