Thursday, April 3, 2008


Started to post yesterday, but got feeling icky. Let's try this again...

I had the second half of my gum surgery yesterday. I was home by 10:30am and the pain started pretty soon. I took a valium (not easy with half my mouth numb). But the pain was pretty bad. I prayed to God that He would let me fall asleep for 1 hour, just 1 hour, I begged.
So, I actually slept for exactly one hour. Was I thankful when I woke up? NO! My first reaction was "I still have a lot of pain, 1 hour wasn't enough, God!" I need another hour!"
So I slept some more. Did I wake up thankful? NO!
I think the moral of the story is: I should have praised HIM for answering my prayer of sleep so quickly. I should have instead prayed for the pain to subside. I got this picture of God in heaven going, boy, are you a brat!!
I AM thankful for His mercy on me. I don't deserve it, and why I think I do sometimes is ridiculous.
I took some pain medicine later in the day and it helped the pain. But I started having the nausea again. So I have to decide what I would rather deal with. Oh, well, if it goes as last time, I should only have pain for a day or so...
I'd like to think I am tough, but in reality, I am such a sissy... :(


  1. Hope you get lots of rest AND less pain! We'll be praying for you! :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. will be praying for you

  3. i hope you feel better, if i were home i would take care of you! :) love you