Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday School & church

Well, Fred has been teaching our new SS class for 4 weeks now. It's a little bit of a complicated situation. 2 classes were merged together, though 1 has the advantage of being in their room and the routine is theirs (snacks, announcements...)And, of course, the teacher is coming in not knowing anybody.
But I think Fred is doing a great job. He REALLY desires to be a teacher that doesn't just show up on Sunday and teach a lesson. He desires to help people realize their potential as Christians and how they can impact those around them. It's a slow but steady start, as we get to know the class members and their individual needs, gifts, and talents. And if you know me, I don't like slow & steady. I want to jump in with both feet and tell people what needs to be done. Fred has had to "reign" me in a couple of times. ha ha

I have signed up for VBS. There is a meeting this Sunday afternoon. I guess I can find out there how I can start helping... I am meeting with Lisa this Saturday to help with props for KABC's VBS. And THEN, my cousin Johnette asked if I would help with Causeway's VBS. I guess I will be having a VBS kind of Summer!
I am having lunch with the PreK Director from church this Friday. I want to pick her brain to see where I could fit in to help...
As I inquire about volunteering, I find myself cautious about it. I am concerned that I might want to do a bunch of stuff but not have the time or energy to follow through with it. I mean, when I worked at the church, it took all of my attention. I didn't have another job. Now, to be honest, my job wipes me out. But I am looking forward to the Summer. I won't be working then. And it's time I get off my butt. Enough of the "sabatical".
I do want to stay in Fred's SS class. For one, I enjoy his teaching. And 2, he has actually asked me to stay with him. He likes me there. Well, that is such a great thing to hear, I don't want to go anywhere else!


  1. VBS is great! :) You will have fun. I sure did last year.

  2. You know you're gonna love it!!! it's a VBS-ers dream come true, right!?! Are they all the same theme or do you get a "change of venue" once or twice?


  3. 1st Brandon is doing the Lifeway "luau" theme and so is Causeway... KABC is doing the Group one, which is a "laboratory" theme...

  4. What about a Toby Mac theme, Fred?