Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Idol is making me MAD!!!!

I have become an American Idol "junkie". Blame Steph. She got me hooked a few years ago. And like most things with her, she gets me addicted and then she stops watching it herself! Before she left for UCF, she begged me to come home from Awana to watch it with her. Last year, we would text during the show about the performances. This year, she left me all alone. Well, not alone, Fred likes watching it now too. But he likes to talk through the show and it frustrates me.
BUT that's not why I am mad. Last night, for the 3rd week in a row, Jason Castro was allowed to stay while they sent home someone who was MUCH better than him. I just don't get it! How can people think he's good!!! Yeah, he's got a cute smile to go along with his great eyes. BUT THAT SHOULD NOT BE ENOUGH!!! Plus, he just looks like he is either too immature to know how important the competition is or he just doesn't care. He is constantly shrugging his shoulders when he's asked questions and mumbles his answers. I mean, if that can get you into American Idol, I am signing Andy up for next season!!!
I really liked Brooke White. Fred didn't, he said she talked and gave her opinions too much. I think she was really "human". And POOR Syesha Mercado! She has been on the bottom list every time. And she is the only one who has shown PROGRESSIVE improvement. I don't get it!
But will I stop watching it? NO WAY! There's only 4 people left! And let me put it out there right now: I predict that David Cook is going to win, with possibly David Archuleta as second.


  1. GO DAVID ARCHULETA!! We are huge American Idol fans here at my house! Every Tuesday night we watch it and have special "American Idol Night Snacks" lol I agree, although I do love Jason Castro hehe My sister votes for him religiously! All of my votes go to David Archuleta (and Carly before) Randy is a David Cook fan..It's going to be an exciting few weeks!! Can't wait to see how it all comes out

  2. James and I cheat...we DVR both Tuesday (I have bible study) and Wednesday nights. We start Tuesdays show about 9:15 and then watch them back to back so we can fast forward the commercials and the reviews. We generally don't care for the question and answer bit, but having Simon's "first kiss" call was truely the BEST question EVER! As for who we like, it was Carly and David Cook...we are now Cook fans all the way. Brooke reminds me of Carly Simon--real mellow...maybe kids CD's; Jason is simply adorable; David A has raw talent, needs a bit more life experience; Syesha is good, but doesn't really interest me. That's my 2 cents...maybe 3!