Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today I turned 43. I don't have issues with age. At least, not yet. When it comes to birthdays, I am a real little kid. I like a big deal made out of me for my birthday. That doesn't always happens, then I have to deal with it. I guess that is part of growing up. :)

It was pretty uneventful. Wasn't mentioned at work, even though I was shamefully announcing it for the last few days. lol

Steph was the first to wish me Happy Birthday... at 12:15am!! It was very sweet of her, but to hear her "ring" on my cell in the middle of the night freaked me out. Thought something was wrong. She's my girl, though, and knows it meant a lot to me.

Fred and I will be going to Lion King this Friday. Can't wait! It's going to be so great!


  1. Happy Birthday from the Council's. Hope the second half of your birthday is more eventful than the first half!

  2. Happy Birhday and many more to come. Have fun at Lion King.

  3. Happy Birthday Friend. The Lion King will be wonderful!!!! Relax and enjoy it.

  4. oh man.. the first picture looks just like andy and the 2nd one looks like me funny!!!!

  5. OH Valerie! Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I forgot. Just know that I'm wishing you the most fun tonight at the Lion King!!!!!
    BTW, I LOVE the story/picture of Andy's shoes that he bought! Tell him that they look like the shoes that Claude designed & painted for himself! VERY COOL!!!